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Unitron Moxi Now

The World’s Smallest RIC Hearing Aid

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Moxi Now is the size of two blueberries stacked one on top of the other – making it the world’s smallest receiver-in-canal (RIC) aid. Receiver-in-canal hearing aids are already, by design, quite small and discreet.Moxi Now packs a lot of power even in this small package. Built with Unitron’s Tempus Processing Platform, Moxi Now provides wearers with access to clear sound, a natural listening experience, a long battery life, and excellent speech recognition. 

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Core Features

Core Features

Moxi Now is an RIC hearing aid, which means it is worn over your ear, with a small, custom-molded receiver that rests inside your ear canal, feeding you clear, high-definition sound. Moxi Now is available in three technology levels – Pro, 800, and 700. In all technology levels, Moxi Now offers natural sound balance, data logging, feedback elimination, wind control, and wireless connectivity to phones and other devices.

Speech Zone 

Speech Zone and Binaural Spatial Processing

Built on the Tempus Platform, Moxi Now offers features such as Speech Zone and Binaural Spatial Processing. With hearing loss, people tend to struggle with speech intelligibility and to locate the source and direction of sound. Speech Zone 2 automatically adjusts Moxi’s microphones to focus on the speech you want to hear.Binaural Spatial Processing activates Moxi’s microphones to work together, sharing audio data, to help you determine the direction of speech. This also helps to directionality for wearers.

SoundNav & AntiShock


For a clearer overall listening experience, Tempus’ SoundNav feature identifies, analyzes, and balances different sounds from the wearer’s environment and assists with directionality and transition between locations and conversations. Sound Conductor also assists in balancing sound and provides a natural listening experience.


Moxi Now is equipped with features to suppress and track background noise, and compress frequencies to provide an accessible and comfortable listening experience. For some degrees of hearing loss, frequencies in the higher range could cause difficulties. Additionally, Moxi Now’s AntiShock feature anticipates and softens loud, sudden, sharp sounds (such as a door slamming) for an even more comfortable experience.