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Unitron Moxi All

Made For All Phones Hearing Aids

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Several manufacturers have already introduced hearing aids that work directly with your iPhone or Android mobile device – so what’s unique about Unitron’s Moxi All?

Unitron’s newest hearing aid not only streams to all smartphones that have a classic Bluetooth hands-free profile but it’s also rechargeable! You can now stream phone calls hands-free to your Bluetooth compatible phone and reap the benefits of a rechargeable hearing aid solution.

Core Features

Wireless connectivity. Moxi All connects wirelessly to all Bluetooth phones that have a compatible Bluetooth hands-free profile. This allows direct streaming to not only iPhones, but also Android and even older flip phones. You can realize the benefits of wireless streaming capabilities independent of your mobile phone manufacturer. We will check the compatibility of your phone prior to your fitting to ensure that Moxi All will work with your mobile phone.

Hands-free operation. You can answer and talk on your mobile phone completely hands-free. This is great for safe drivers, individuals with vision or dexterity issues, and those who need their hands free at work.

TV connector. By using a TV connector device that plugs into your TV, stereo, PC, laptop or mobile device, high quality stereo streaming sound can be delivered to both ears automatically.

Environmental balance. This feature is available with the TV connector and allows you to adjust the volume of the TV signal as well as the volume of the external room noise.

Rechargeability. Moxi All is available as a rechargeable hearing aid. Charging overnight allows you to wear the device all day.

Multiple technology levels and prices. Unitron offers Moxi All in five different technology levels with a wide range of pricing.

Ease of use. Our audiologists will help you with the straightforward process of pairing your aids to your phone. They will also show you how easy it is to receive a mobile call without even touching your phone. You simply push the button on your hearing aid to answer, reject or complete the call. The hearing aid microphone picks up your voice, so you can talk hands-free.

Unitron Remote Plus App. Moxi All uses the Unitron Remote Plus App, downloaded on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play, to easily control the settings such as adjusting environmental balance while watching TV, raising or lowering volume, muting or making program changes.

Streamer-Free TV

Easily connect to streamer-free TV

Enjoy television programs through Moxi All hearing instruments, with the simple-to-use TV Connector accessory.      

Wirelessly connect Moxi All hearing instruments to the TV without wearing a streamer

Relax and enjoy high-quality stereo soundEasily stream from the television, computer, tablet or stereo

Enjoy TV again at a volume that’s comfortable for everyone watching