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Unitron Max™ E SP

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BTE hearing instrument series

Max E SP is suitable for fitting severe to profound hearing losses and can fit audiogram configurations ranging from reverse to precipitously sloping.

It has a Feedback manager offers maximum usable gain by suppressing feedback transients before they become audible.

Also, the DuoLink – program and volume adjustments conducted on one hearing instrument are automatically transferred to the other ear 


• Adaptive directional

• AntiShock™

• Wind noise manager


• Easy-t and telecoil

• MyMusic™

• Speech enhancement LD

• Noise reduction

• Data logging

• Optional remote controls

• Optional Smart Alert™ System

• Optional wireless programming with iCube

• IntelliVent technology available on custom ear pieces

Signature Features
SmartFocus SP

The performance of directional microphones, speech enhancement, noise reduction and gain have been purposely optimized and work synergistically in relation to one another to provide the best speech understanding or comfort for those with severe to profound hearing losses, without compromising awareness

Power Adaptation Manager

Allows the gradual decrease of amplification over time. Starting from the frequency response clients expect, which can sometimes be excessive and above prescribed target, this feature will automatically, slowly and steadily reduce gain and MPO to a safer level to maximize speech intelligibility and long-term hearing health

Frequency compression

By shifting sounds away from areas where hearing is most damaged and compressing them into the audible range, clients experience a fuller range of sounds for improved awareness and speech intelligibility

Bass enhancer

Provides additional low frequency gain boost in one easy software control