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Oticon Nera2

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Oticon Nera2 is built on the Inium Sense platform. Nera2 audiology provides its users with advanced listening performance and can be adjusted to the individual’s listening preferences. Based on VAC+ rationale and Soft Speech Booster, Nera2 allows factoring in differences in loudness perception and op3timizing the listening experience in soft sounds. Nera2 with the new smallest non-wireless IIC & CIC 75 V2, fits even more users due to its smaller size.


• AUTOMATIC PROGRAM (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) Calculates and evaluates multiple different processing alternatives, and then selects the alternative that provides the best outcome for the individual.

• PERSONALISATION OPTION (YOUMATICS) BrainHearingTM feature that adjusts the response and sound of the hearing instrument features (noise reduction, directionality, listening support, and compression) to accommodate for the individual’s unique listening preferences.

• DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONES (FREEFOCUS) BrainHearingTM feature that automatically switches between three microphone strategies, depending on the level of background noise. Five unique microphone settings are available, and the software will determine the most appropriate for that individual’s needs and type of loss.

• INTERAURAL DIFFERENCE PRESERVATION  (SPATIAL SOUND) Preserves the naturally occurring differences in sound (between the ears) to help individuals to localize sounds and focus their attention. 

 PROGRAM TO HEAR SPEECH FROM DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS  (BACK DIRECTIONALITY) Allows user to manually focus the hearing instrument behind the wearer for when they want to hear the person speaking from behind them (e.g. passengers in a backseat, or someone pushing you in a wheelchair). 

• COMPRESSION ALIGNMENT (BINAURAL PROCESSING)  Hearing aids communicate to align compression. Helps maintain interaural intensity differences.

• SPEECH ENHANCEMENT TECHNOLOGY (SOFT SPEECH BOOSTER) Provides increased gain at high-frequencies to enhance the details of soft speech.

• FEATURE SYNCHRONISATION (BINAURAL SYNCHRONISATION) Automatically aligns the directionality and noise management features.

• BINAURAL COORDINATION Co-ordinates the hearing aids so that adjustments made to one device are automatically made on the other device.

• NOISE REDUCTION  (BINAURAL TRI STATE NOISE MANAGEMENT) Reduces background noise to improve listening comfort.