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BHM Contact Mini

Enjoy outstanding hearing - especially for children - without the risk of surgery

  • Overview
  • Core Features
  • Sound Dynamix


The contact mini is a digital miniature bone conduction hearing system suitable up to moderate hearing loss from toddlers age onwards. 

The fitting of the device will be handled electronically with specially developed software.Conventional hearing aids are often difficult to use on young children and surgery may not be the treatment of choice.

BHM bone conduction hearing systems can be integrated discreetly into headbands, Alice bands and baseball caps and are fitted with state-of-the-art digital sound processing. 

Core Features

Core Features

  • 8 channels soundprocessor (WDRC)
  • 16 equalizer bands
  • First fitting algorithm for bone conductive hearing aids
  • Tone generator for fine-tuning by INSITU method
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Noise reduction
  • Low battery warning
  • MPO programmable
  • Tone filters (HighCut and LowCut)
  • Battery size 13
  • On/off switch via battery compartment
  • Volume control per trimmer
  • Different colours
  • Different sizes of conductor plates for optimal comfort
  • Optional feature: Telecoil
Sound Dynamix

Sound Dynamix 

BHM Automatic

BHM‘s fully automated Sound Dynamix (BHM Automatic) situation recognition perfectly selects the most appropriate hearing system parameters in any environment. 

You can enjoy the best-possible sound in demanding situations without having to manually switch listening programs.