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BHM Apollon

The most powerful hearing system

  • Overview
  • Core Features
  • Fitting Range


Apollon is a digital highest power pocket hearing instrument useful for nearly each hearing loss. Standard configuration of apollon is as monaural system, but can be upgraded to a binaural system by using BHM-accessories.

By using software BHMFit2 version 2.1 and higher, apollon can be programmed. Standard colour of apollon is anthracite.

It comes with external bone vibrator and stereo cable for binaural fitting 

Core Features

Core Features

  • AutoFit, NAL, BC Fit (Bone conduction)
  • 4-Band audio-processor
  • 2 Batteries size AA
  • 4-position switch (O-T-MT-M)
  • Volume control
  • Optical and acoustical low battery warning
  • DAI-Input
  • Audio-Input (3,5 mm jack socket)
Fitting Range

Additional features using the programming software BHMFit2 - Version 2.1 and higherwith Hi-Pro Box and Programming cable CS44:

  • High Cut
  • Low Cut
  • Notchfilter
  • Noise reduction (On/Off, switchable over software)