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HEARING - a quality of life you can't do without

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The AN-Evo1 is a digital bone conducted spectacle, suitable for mild to moderate hearing losses.

The opportunities of individual programming by the fitting software BHMFit2 or standard adjusting with N - H trimmer, permit a maximum of flexibility in meeting the individual needs.

BHM bone conduction hearing systems – a reliable solution without the risk of surgery! 

Core Features

Core Features

  • Battery size 675
  • 10 channel digital amplifier with programming options over 4 pin programming socket
  • Low cut trimmer (N - H)
  • O-T-M switch
  • Temple in different colours
  • Temple Version for Coselgi® available


Additional features using the fitting softwareBHMFit2 and the HI-PRO box:


  • Graphic equalizer
  • MPO limiting (AGC0)
  • Activate/Deactivate selection of volume control
  • Activate/Deactivate selection of N - H trimmer