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About BHM

BHM develops high-quality hearing systems that are manufactured exclusively in Austria and distributed around the world. The name BHM (Berl Hörgeräte Manufaktur) is synonymous with success; a story that began back in 2002 with the manufacture of hearing aid replacement parts.

The core competence of BHM lies in the development and manufacture of special bone conduction hearing systems and bone conduction receiver for a wide variety of applications. 

BHM also manufactures components and prototype groups for hearing implants and prosthesis parts entirely in line with the latest technologies.

BHM devices are checked and tested to the highest standard and are ISO 13485 certified. Grant applications can be made to local health insurance companies throughout almost all of Europe.

Featured Products


AN-Evo1 bone conduction hearing glasses combine excellent sound quality


The apollon hearing system is excellent for bone and air conduction treatment 

Contact Mini

Contact mini is the world's first digital miniature bone conduction system

Contact Star Evo1

 The first bone conduction hearing glasses with improved speech intelligibility