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TV Adapter

The TV Adapter is intended as a wireless transmitter of sound from a TV or from other electronic audio devices to hearing aids.

Phone Adapter

The ConnectLine Phone solution supports both incoming and outgoing phone calls. During a phone call the hearing instruments are used as a headset, and the microphone on the body-worn Streamer enables hands-free operation.

Streamer Pro

The Streamer is intended to be used by wireless Oticon hearing instrument users together with their hearing instruments. The Streamer is a communication interface between the hearing instruments and other devices such as cell phones.


The Microphone will transmit the speech from the Speaker directly to the Hearing instrument user. Note: A Microphone will only work with one Streamer at a time


ConnectLine enhances communication across the board. Face-to-face conversations are clearer and easier to control. Watching TV, listening to music, video chatting and talking on the phone are clearer than before. ConnectLine is the one solution that offers the most connectivity opportunities in one system.

Oticon remote control

Remote Control 3.0 is intended to assist users of wireless hearing aids to control functionality provided by their hearing solution.

Streamer App

The App combines remote control features for Oticon Hearing Instruments with an intuitive visual interface to the ConnectLine system, which connects users wirelessly to Cell Phones, remote microphones, TV sound transmitters, etc.

Oticon ON App

The Oticon ON App works with all Oticon wireless hearing aids with TwinLink technology.

The Oticon ON App enables you to control your hearing aids, choose what you want to hear and adjust the sound.

The App offers a “find my hearing aid” search feature, links to user instructions and low battery notification.